Placing Your Order:

To place your order click on Place Your Order, and you’ll be directed to an online order form.

Fill all of the relevant information on the order form out, and make sure to be as specific as possible when describing the items you want delivered.  If you prefer a specific brand, please also list an alternative brand in case that brand is not available.

Make sure all of the fields with an * next to them are completed, and click the Blue “Submit Now” Button, at the bottom of the page.


We charge 49.00 for grocery/liquor deliveries plus 15% of the total bill.  Groceries are purchased in Telluride at store prices.

Our Take-Out delivery fee is 15.00 for all deliveries in Telluride up to Lawson Hill, and 20.00 for the Mountain Village area and Ophir Area.

Payment Options:

We accept all major credit cards.

You can pay with cash at the time of delivery for all grocery, liquor and food orders, but you must submit your credit card in advance to secure your order.

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